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Like our bird toys?

bird toys
Hi Bubba Birds!

I am writing to sing your praises on behalf of my biggest boy, Roy. He is very fussy when it comes to what he will play with, but he LOVES your toys! They are perfect for rough playing birds. He likes to grab on and lean back as far as he can, and shake his head like a wild man. The variety of textures gives many of these toys has been great, as there are some parts he can crunch right away, and others he has to work at. It really keeps him busy!

The blurry photo is Roy at work with Sassy Ring, shaking this toy like a dog with a rope, and the other is him peeking through once he noticed the camera... boo! You can see where he popped off some of the plant material on one ball, but he still had a lot to go!

Also, the wood/paper pulp balls are something he really likes. This toy was demolished in a week or so, but he still has parts of the paper that we keep around, and he uses them as a gnawing foot toy. Because they are dense, it gives his beak something to work on layer by layer. Thank you for keeping his beak busy!!

Smaller birds definitely enjoy these products. My cockatiel Indi has Sassy Ball, and he pecks the plant stems down one by one. Now that he is a single bird this has been very helpful in giving him something to do. I wish I had a photo, but he is very camera shy :) He has also enjoyed Chew Ball quite a bit.

Thank you Bubba Birds! Your toys have made my birds happy for many stages of life!

Ashley Gaia
Date of Posting: 01 December 2013
Posted By: Ashley Gaia
bird toys
When we got Lilly she had no toys a small cage and was scared of every toy we bought her! We walked into a store near our home Pet Paradise and say the HUGE Dragoonwood Ladder by Bubba BirdToys! We couldn't believe how large it was and then the price? Unbeatable! We brought it home and put it in Lilly's cage. I looked at her for a moment as she sat shivering on the side of her cage...this was a normal thing for her back then.

A few moments later while I was preparing dinner I heard a funny noise...I came in the room and Lilly was climbing all over the ladder running back and forth chewing on it. I had never seen her so happy! Since we bough this ladder we have bough a lot more toys from Bubba Bird Toys including one of her other favorites the crown pleaser!

BubbaBirdToys sells AMAZING toys at fantastic prices! I am so glad we found Bubba BirdToys and I think Lilly is too!

We plan to buy a lot more Bubba BirdToys products in the future and hope to one day own one of their beautiful Dragonwood stands!

Thank you for being awesome BubbaBirdToys!
Date of Posting: 10 May 2013
Posted By: Amanda Guadalupe
Virginia Beack, VA
Just got my 1st order from Bubba Bird & Parrot Toys and couldn't be happier. I have a Derbyan Ringneck(about the size of an Eclectus, but not as bulky) that brings chewing to a whole new level and it's always a challenge to find him toys that will last him more than a couple days. More than once I've put a $20+ toy in his cage thinking it would last him a couple days, only to have it destroyed before going to bed that night.

One look at the toys I got from Bubba Birds and I knew I had found the solution to my toy problem. The chunks of wood are nice & hefty that will take him awhile to work through. The colors are brighter than any toy I've found out there. I'd gotten the Large S and put that in his cage 1st. He couldn't hardly wait for me to get out of his cage so he could get at it. I don't remember the last time I've seen him this enthuiastic about a new toy. He is one happy parrot !!!
Date of Posting: 16 April 2013
Posted By: Wendy Scott
New Hampshire
We are proud to be the only purveyor of Bubba Bird Toys in South Carolina! These toys are fun for birds of all sizes, handcrafted with birds in mind, and provide the foraging opportunities we encourage as an avian specialty veterinary practice. Thanks, Bubba Bird Toys! You are clearly a bunch of "bird brains" - our kind of people! :)
Date of Posting: 15 April 2013
Posted By: Kerry Bateman
Birds and Exotics Animal Care, Mount Pleasant, SC
bird toys
This wonderful, bird loving, family owned business went above and beyond in their design and construction of my Blue and Gold's new tree. Their customer service is excellent as well. I could not have imagined such a beautiful tree- truly a work of art. My Macaw loves it! I highly recommend them.
Date of Posting: 18 February 2013
Posted By: Diane Montuori
Tampa, Fl
bird toys
I personally have Bubba bird stands for my pet birds. These stands are well constructed and well designed The dragon wood provides a very healthy surface for your parrot's feet. The wood is also very durable, my macaws love to chew but do not chew the dragon wood perches. The design of the stands provides variety and space for your birds to move around. The base of the stand is wide enough to catch the droppings and most of the other things my birds drop. Of course, sometimes they like to fling things and no stand is wide enough for that. The wheels are large and secure making moving these perches around very easy. If you are looking for a perch for your birds you will be very impressed at how affordable these stands are. I have seen stands at 3 times the price that are not as well made.

Dr. Joel Murphy ABVP avian
Animal and Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor
Date of Posting: 10 March 2012
Posted By: Dr. Joel Murphy
Palm Harbor Florida
bird toys
Great great toys! Will be ordering more soon!
Date of Posting: 07 January 2012
Posted By: Mark Simons
United States
All of our birds love their Bubba Bird Toys.

Thank you for all your hard work.
Date of Posting: 01 January 2012
Posted By: Donna Fisher
Your toys are seriously the best I have purchased in a very long time!! My wife who is a stewardess who stopped in a bird store in tampa florida and brought me back one of your toys for my hyacinth, Rocky. We are both in love with the quality and price of your toys. I have since purchased from your online store and I also went into the local store near me in california and begged the store owner to bring your toys to the west coast because no one does it around here like you do. Thank you very much and great job!!!!
Date of Posting: 01 January 2012
Posted By: Jim
Great toys and great prices. Our bird jumps up and down with joy when he sees his new toys from Bubba BIrd's. He is very happy when he has toys to play with, which makes us very happy ,too.
Date of Posting: 29 December 2011
Posted By: Marcia
bird toys
I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you do on making these bird toys, and the prices are great too. I have several birds, and each and every one of them have one the toys that i have purchased from you at all the Bird shows, they love them. My Blue Front is so attached to that toy, i have had it over a year and it has been chewed on, bitten, pecked at and still in super nice condition...Thanks agin Bubba Bird Toys for all the wonderful work that you have put into these toys......Echo,Kiwi,Cracker, and Skittles...
Date of Posting: 19 December 2011
Posted By: gitte altman
I run a 501c3 non-profit parrot rescue in Punta Gorda , Fl. I just have to say the customer service at Bubba's Bird Toys is tops. They personally provide any assistance you may require. Chris and Tammy return your phone calls or emails promptly. Toys are even personally delivered for bulk orders. No pushy salesman tactics just caring and prompt service! Our birds LOVE Bubba Bird Toys. As soon as they were placed in the cages the birds acted like children at Christmas! Not one single toy went ignored by any bird! By the next morning trays were loaded with splinters, so their toys are bird tested and bird approved!
Date of Posting: 19 December 2011
Posted By: Pam Hill
Parrot Outreach Society, Punta Gorda Fl
One of the best selling lines of toys in both of our stores! Great quality products , excellent prices, unsurpassed customer service, and all with safety as a top priority.

If you sell bird related products, I recommend you check out this bird toy and dragonwood stand vendor.

I also wanted to say, thanks guys for all the toys you donated for the bird perch in our store. It keeps our birds busy and friendly which is great for customer interaction.

Keep up the good work!
Date of Posting: 15 December 2011
Posted By: Lynda
Everything Bird Store, Oldsmar FL
bird toys
I bought some toys for my father's cockatoo, Homer. As soon as we placed the toys in the cage Homer was all over them. He loves picking the rope apart and pulling the leather pieces off his other toy. He loves to sit on his perch and ring the bells too. They are great toys at awesome prices!! We will definitely be ordering more toys!
Date of Posting: 13 December 2011
Posted By: Megan
bird toys
I don't know if you remember me or not my name is Taylor I am the young girl who talked with you about what goes into your product.

This past Monday I bought a large rung ladder bird toy for my umbrella cockatoo Roxy at the Sumpter county flea market. She loves it! She has already shredded about a third of the colored blocks on it and is constantly climbing all over it! She even has left her bell alone which has always been her favorite toy for over a year up until this point.

I really love this product and as soon as she finishes with it I'm sure to be back to get some more! Your prices are unbelievable and the quality is excellent. thank you
Date of Posting: 13 December 2011
Posted By: Taylor
Hello, we recently purchased one of your x large toys for our mccaw at the charlotte county bird expo. I noticed you had some beautiful stands I was just curious if you had some pictures and prices? Our Mccaw Cosmo loves his toy btw excellent product!!
Date of Posting: 13 December 2011
Posted By: Andrew
Sarge loves his Giant Bubba Swing! We cant keep him off of it if we tried! He loves Bubba toys the best!
Date of Posting: 12 December 2011
Posted By: Jimmy

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